Frequently Asked Questions

I have a pet I can no longer take care. I would like to rehome it, what should I do?

  • See if a family member or friend can take care of them.  Familiar faces make the transition less stressful on the pet.

  •  Use a service like Rehome to find a new adopter for your pet.  You will be able to select the best home for your pet.

  • Only as a last resort, contact you local animal shelter to surrender the pet.  If you live in Davie County, you can set an appointment to surrender them by calling 336-751-0227.

I found a stray dog/cat, what should I do?

  • Bring the animal to the Animal Shelter or a local vet to have them check for a microchip. If they do have a chip and the information is current, the owner can be contacted and hopefully reunited with them.

  • Post to all social media channels and check Facebook and social media sites to see if someone has posted the animal missing. Local news stations social media pages are a great place to start. There are several lost and found sites on Facebook including LostFoundDogs.NC

Do you have dog/cat food?

  • We do run a community pet food pantry to help pet owners in times of need. Supplies are limited, so it’s best to call to make sure we have some on hand. Contact us at 336-751-5214 or email at

Do you give rabies shots?

  • Davie County Animal Services does a 1-year rabies vaccination for $5. Call 336-751-0227 to schedule an appointment. They only accept cash as payment.

How do I report animal abuse and/or neglect?

  • You can contact the Officer on Call for the Davie County Animal Services at 336-751-0227 to file a report.  You must leave a name and phone number in your message.  For more information on reporting animal abuse, see the ASPCA link here.